Why Healthcare?

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Patients are ready for digital health

84% of Germans would now like to handle medical prescriptions online. 75% would provide their personal health data for research if it is anonymous.

Bitkom, 2017 and Forsa for Techniker Krankenkasse 2017

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Medical providers want it too, but they are lagging behind

In Germany, 62% of all doctors believe digital technologies will help them to reduce costs. However, only 10% of hospitals use telehealth solutions and only 3% of general practitioners have a digital patient file.

Bitkom, 2017

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The digital transformation is gathering pace

The global market for digital health is anticipated to grow from $80 billion in 2015 to more than $200 billion by 2020. According to Global Market Insights, the growth dynamic in Germany is driven by rapid technological innovation, national usage of eHealth cards and favorable regulations regarding eHealth, providing a boost to the digital health and wellness industries.

Roland Berger, 2016 and Global Market Insights, 2016

Management Board

  • Pioneering digital
    RL00706_6188_0.15 Jan Beckers

    Founder & Chairman


    Jan Beckers

    Founder & Chairman

    Jan Beckers has been leveraging the opportunities of the internet to develop new businesses his whole life: First within student communities, then in gaming, advertising and financial services and now in healthcare.

    While still studying business in Münster, he launched the event portal studenta.de in 2004, and thereafter, the job portal absolventa.de, which became his first double-digit million exit deal.

    In 2008, he began focusing on advertising technologies for mobile, apps and games. Together with Lukasz Gadowski, he founded Madvertise, which was sold four years later for a double-digit million amount. In 2009, he co-founded Fyber, another adtech start-up, which lead to a three-digit million exit deal just five years after launching.

    In 2011, Jan co-founded HitFox, a gaming distribution start-up. He and his team turned it into a platform for various adtech startups. One of the most successful enterprises on the HitFox platform is AppLift, which today analyzes the anonymized data of nearly 80% of the world’s smartphone population outside China, to make mobile ads more relevant and more successful.

    For his success in the adtech space, the global consulting firm EY awarded Jan Beckers “Entrepreneur of the Year 2014.”

    Later in the same year, Jan laid the foundation for bringing digital change to the next industry: financial services. Together with his long-term business partner Hendrik  Krawinkel he founded the company builder FinLeap, which has quickly become the go-to player for financial technologies, attracting institutional investors and partners such as the world’s third largest reinsurer, Hannover Re, and the insurance company Signal Iduna. Jan was behind the idea to apply for a full banking license for FinLeap’s financial service provider solarisBank, which the company attained in a record-breaking nine months. Less than two years after launch, solarisBank was valued at a three-digit million euro amount.

    In 2017, together with an experienced team of serial entrepreneurs, Jan entered the fast growing market of digital health with the launch of Heartbeat Labs.

    Besides his HitFox activities, Jan has made several angel investments in companies such as Delivery Hero, Brands4Friends and Clio and has also invested pre-IPO in Facebook and LinkedIn.

  • Developing business in regulated environments RL00706_6341_0.15 Eckhardt Weber

    Founder & Managing Director


    Eckhardt Weber

    Founder & Managing Director

    Eckhardt Weber’s focus is business development in highly regulated markets, where he builds and deploys deep vertical knowledge. For HitFox’s financial technology platform FinLeap, he guided solarisBank through the process of obtaining a full banking license – one of the first German internet start-ups to do so (and that within just nine months). The same applies to Element which is in the process of receiving a full insurance license and was co-founded by Eckhardt.

    Eckhardt studied law at LMU Munich, after which he spent one year in South Africa adding a master’s degree in commercial law in 2012.

    He then joined P+P Pöllath + Partners, a law council specialized in venture capital legislation. In October 2014, he moved over to HitFox Group, structuring the legal and finance team, working with Jan Beckers on business development strategy and acting as managing director for the financial technology platform FinLeap.

    While working at FinLeap, he also completed an EMBA degree at the University of Münster.


  • Creating products from scratch HeartBeatLabs-mgmt-portrait-SK (1) Stephanie Kaiser

    Founder & Managing Director

    HeartBeatLabs-mgmt-portrait-SK (1)

    Stephanie Kaiser

    Founder & Managing Director

    When she studied humanities at Humboldt University Berlin, nothing pointed towards a bright future as chief product officer. Then came Vietnam: Stephanie took a position as project manager for the digitization of a tremendous German library catalogue in Ho Chi Minh City. She conducted the deployment of a specific software by training 100 Vietnamese co-workers to use it – both of which (project management and leading a team) she had never done before.
    Since then, Stephanie has excelled in building products from scratch and nurturing teams and corporate cultures.

    Back in Germany, she worked on the development of a social network for Europe’s biggest ring-tone provider Jamba. She then joined MTV/Nickelodeon where she developed a learning platform for children and gained experience in navigating and shaping “big corporate culture.”

    In 2009, Stephanie was hired by Wooga, a start-up for Facebook and mobile games, as their first full-time employee. There she grew from developing her own game to leading six international teams with around 70 people building games as head of studio. German chancellor Angela Merkel was among the many visiting guests at Wooga, that Stephanie met at the offices of the emerging start-up.

    In 2015, she co-founded two companies, a mobile health app for diabetics and a brain training app, where she also acted as chief product officer.

    The following year, Stephanie moved on to become VP of product at Clue, a menstrual cycle tracking app which became the world’s fastest growing female health start-up, with more than 6 million active monthly users.

    In the same year, Stephanie was voted one of the 50 most inspiring women in Tech in Europe (by Inspiring Fifty).

  • Turning ideas into operational excellence RL00706_5940_0.15 Hendrik Krawinkel

    Founder & Managing Director


    Hendrik Krawinkel

    Founder & Managing Director

    Hendrik Krawinkel’s specialty is operational and organizational excellence. He builds teams and defines workflow processes around finance, human resources and operations etc. In an industry as complex as healthcare or finance, this provides the crucial foundation upon which innovative business models can be developed and executed.

    Hendrik studied management at HHL Leipzig while beginning his professional career with global technology companies such as IBM and Rolls-Royce. In 2011, when he was still enrolled in university, he joined Jan Beckers in founding HitFox, which they developed into a platform for advertising and big data technologies. He has since been the backbone of turning new business ideas into excellent company practice.

    In 2014, Hendrik co-founded FinLeap, HitFox Group’s company builder for financial technologies, which he co-led for three years. Apart from his focus on structural topics he has acted as managing director and project manager for many companies on the HitFox and FinLeap platform.


Advisory Board

  • Heart
    HeartBeatLabs_Wilhelm-Mohr Prof. Dr. med. Friedrich-Wilhelm Mohr

    Senior Advisor


    Prof. Dr. med. Friedrich-Wilhelm Mohr

    Senior Advisor

    Prof. Dr. med. Friedrich-Wilhelm Mohr is the former Medical Director of the Heart Center Leipzig and Professor of Cardiac Surgery at the University of Leipzig. He has been awarded with the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany for his outstanding achievements in the development of East Germany after reunification. Focus magazine repeatedly listed the physician in its list of top German doctors.

    Prof. Mohr began his professional career in the early 1970s starting a medical degree at Freie Universität in West Berlin, which he later successfully completed in Bonn and Sydney.
    He then worked as a medical assistant at the University Hospital for Cardiovascular Surgery Bonn. Soon he became a specialist in cardiac and vascular surgery and was soon promoted to the position of senior physician. In 1986-1988 he worked as a fellow for the German Research Association at University College Los Angeles. In 1990 he was designated a C3 professorship at the University of Göttingen as Deputy Hospital Director. In 1994 Prof. Mohr became Medical Director of the Heart Center Leipzig which – under his leadership – became internationally renowned. Prof. Mohr has headed several German, European and international professional societies as president. In March 2017, Prof. Friedrich Wilhelm Mohr retired from his position at Heart Center Leipzig.

  • Consumer Goods
    HeartBeatLabs-mgmt-portrait-PZ Peter Zühlsdorff

    Senior Advisor


    Peter Zühlsdorff

    Senior Advisor

    Peter Zühlsdorff was on the executive board of Wella AG for almost 20 years, five of which as its chairman (1991-1995). He also received recognition as the president of the Gesellschaft für Konsumforschung (GfK) and through heading some major restructuring projects such as the Tengelmann Group and the dual waste system DSD (Grüner Punkt).

    Zühlsdorff began his professional career at the age of 16 as a ship’s boy on a small freighter of the East Africa line. Even before his time at Wella AG, he worked in the field of hair care as an entrepreneur. In 1970 he became managing partner of TONDEO Werk GmbH in Solingen, a medium-sized manufacturer of hairdressing supplies. In 1978, Zühlsdorff moved to Wella AG in Darmstadt. In 1999 he took over Deutsche Industrie Holding.

  • Medical Expert and serial entrepreneur HeartBeatLabs-mgmt-portrait-DL Dr. med. Dominik Löer

    Senior Advisor


    Dr. med. Dominik Löer

    Senior Advisor

    After graduating first as physician and later in laboratory medicine, Dominik Löer took over his father’s private medical laboratory in Münster in 2004. Within a few years he expanded the business to serving 1,300 practicing doctors. He also added 50 hospitals to his clientele, which was a completely new group of customers for the family business at that time.

    Working with so many different doctors and medical institutions, he learned to understand the diverse needs and challenges that healthcare providers face. Based on this experience, he co-founded HYBETA, an institute that tests and analyzes hygiene standards in operation and clean rooms and also consults on methods of improving them. HYBETA serves not only hospitals and doctors’ practices but also corporations, and today the company employs over a 100 hygienists and technicians.

    In 2008, Löer co-acquired a medical laboratory in the town of Nordhorn and added a second branch to its operation shortly after. Five years later he sold the laboratory in Nordhorn to the Kramer Group and the one in Münster to Limbach Group. The latter is now the market leader in medical laboratories in Germany. Between 2014 and 2016, Löer worked for Limbach as a strategic consultant.

  • Corporate Consulting
    HeartBeatLabs-mgmt-portrait-HH Herbert Henzler

    Senior Advisor


    Herbert Henzler

    Senior Advisor

    Herbert Henzler was the German face of the global consulting firm McKinsey for 32 years until his departure in 2001. He acted as managing partner for the German offices, was a member of its global Executive Committee and was the driving force behind the expansion into Brazil, Turkey and Eastern Europe.

    After McKinsey, Henzler moved into finance, leading the advisory board of Credit Suisse for ten years, up to 2012, and then joining the investment bank Moelis & Company. In the late 2000s he also led the Hightech Innovation Program for the German State of Bavaria. Henzler is an advisory member of several boards including Deutsche Bahn, FC Bayern Munich, Bogner, Ottonova and more. In 2011 he was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit and was named “most powerful consultant in Germany” by business magazine Handelsblatt.

  • Laboratory
    HeartBeatLabs-mgmt-portrait-MB Dr. med. Martin Bloch

    Senior Advisor


    Dr. med. Martin Bloch

    Senior Advisor

    Dr. Martin Bloch is Managing Director of Germany’s largest anaesthetic clinic Anaesthesio. The company, which he founded in 2002, today employs over 100 medical specialists and serves 22.000 patients every year at 40 different ambulatory and stationary surgery sites in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Bloch graduated from RWTH Aachen.

  • IT Infrastructure
    HeartBeatLabs-mgmt-portrait-JP Johannes Pichler

    Senior Advisor


    Johannes Pichler

    Senior Advisor

    Johannes Pichler has been with Globalways AG for more than 10 years – as co-founder and CEO. During this time, the company has become the leading provider of high-availability fiber optic connections and data center services for business customers in the Stuttgart region. Globalways AG has received multiple awards including the SME Award for Social Responsibility in Baden-Württemberg, the Deloitte Technology Fast50 and Deloitte Technology Fast500 EMEA Awards, and the FT 1000 Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies Award.
    Parallel to his entrepreneurial activities, Pichler completed his Master’s degree in Business Informatics at the Technical University of Munich in 2010.

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