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Computational Biologist / Biophysicist / Biochemist / Chemist (m/f/d) - Synbionik

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Frankfurt am MainHeartbeat Labs - Research & Engineering Full-time
We are a start-up company based in the modern and advanced city Frankfurt am Main. At Synbionik, we are focused on the modification of bacterial metabolic pathways for industrial production of biomolecules demanded for healthcare, but not only. For the optimization of biological systems we routinely use in our lab, we are looking for a highly skilled and experienced Computational Biologist/Biophysicist/Biochemist/Chemist with a strong background in Protein Engineering, Design, or Directed Evolution to support us in our projects!

Your Role

  • You’ll support us as an expert in protein engineering/design and as an extremely motivated and reliable team member of the Protein Engineering Unit. You’ll analyze sequences and structures of a number of different proteins complexed with ligands. With your deep understanding of molecular interactions at the protein-ligand interface you’ll modulate in silico the catalytic functioning of enzymes. Using Schrödinger’s computational platform (BioLuminate, Maestro; with tokens like Protein Preparation Wizard, Glide, Prime, MacroModel, LigPrep ConfGen, etc.), you’ll perform in silico ligand-receptor docking experiments and set mutations in the ligand binding site to increase the ligand-receptor binding affinity – screening experiments. In some cases, a published protein structure is not available, and you’ll have to deal with such difficulties by means of homology modeling, but of course you know how to solve such issues. To test your engineered enzymes, you’ll have to design enzyme assays and evaluate the obtained data, our lab assistants will then provide you with experimental data.


  • Education:
  • You have successfully completed your academic education (Master of Science or preferably PhD) in Computational Biology/Biophysics/Biochemistry/Chemistry or Bioinformatics with focus in Protein Engineering/Design. Applicants with longstanding work experience (e.g. in pharmaceutical companies or university groups) are highly preferred.

    What we expect from you:
  • Understanding the molecular interactions on the level of quantum mechanics
  • Comprehensive understanding of enzyme kinetics – Michael-Menten theory
  • Motivation for self-education in the area of system biology to understand the molecular interactions in genome-scale metabolic networks of bacterial organisms
  • Enhancement of metabolic flux by optimizing the kinetics of bottleneck enzymes and thereby increasing the harvest of the target molecule
  • Readiness to acquire skills in the usage of bioinformatic software (e.g. Schrödinger’s BioLuminate/Maestro, Geneious Prime, MatLab (COBRA Toolbox), etc.)
  • De novo design of (kinetically functional and specific) artificial enzymes by applying methods like homology modeling, ab initio structural predictions, BLAST, AI and deep learning, etc.
  • Ability to work independently but also in a team
  • Excellent communication skills in English; fluent German desirable but not necessary

What we offer

  • To make sure our team is always up to the mark we offer daily supply with vegetables, fruits and drinks
  • As an enthusiastic team we also organize some team events making sure we have a good mental relaxation after a productive working day
  • We also offer possibilities for additional educational courses, trainings, and conferences

If you are interested: Please make sure you send us your complete application portfolio, including: (i) a solid cover letter that shows your enthusiasm for Protein Engineering at Synbionik, (ii) Curriculum Vitae, (iii) track record of your last academic education, and (iv) employment reference or recommendation letter of your latest employer. Please also include your preferred starting date and salary expectations.

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