Heartbeat Labs launches teleconsultation for mother and child health and invests in health-startups Heallo.ai, Daatrics and Aurora Health

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Today Heartbeat Labs announces its first digital health company, Kinderheldin – an online service for pregnant women and parents of babies that seek the advice of professional midwives. At the same time, the startup platform discloses three investments: Heallo.ai from India, the UK company Daatrics, as well as the Berlin-based startup Aurora Health.

Kinderheldin is developed by a team around Dr. Paul Hadrossek and Chief Product Officer Stephanie Kaiser, together with midwife Christiane Hammerl. Stephanie Kaiser, about the launch of the online-service for mother and child health: “Numerous pregnant women and parents of babies have a hard time finding adequate advice and consulting: Google searches and online communities often lead to more confusion than relief. Many midwives and doctors do not offer on-call duty, especially at night when help is needed most urgently. This is exactly where Kinderheldin offers support.”

The birth rate in Germany has been rising significantly over the past few years and has recently reached the highest point in over 30 years. At the same time, available midwives have become a scarce resource: The German website “our midwives” has collected the signatures of more than 14,000 parents who claim to not have found a midwife in their region. Kinderheldin provides pregnant women and parents with the possibility of seeking advice from professional midwives via email, live-chat or over the phone, regardless of their geographical location. The service covers all topics from pregnancy and birth up to the period between infancy and toddler. Kinderheldin will add video-consultation as a feature in the near future.

Eckhardt Weber, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Heartbeat Labs, on the new online service: “We are witnessing an increasing lack of capacity within midwife care. Teleconsulting, on the other hand, can become a valuable addition to personal caretaking. With the launch of Kinderheldin, we provide expecting mothers and parents with babies a further source of advice for all types of questions before and after birth – regardless of their geographical location.”


Daatrics, Heallo.ai and Aurora Health
Simultaneous to the launch of Kinderheldin, Heartbeat Labs announces investments in three health-startups: Heallo.ai, Daatrics and Aurora Health.

Cureskin, by Heallo.ai, is an app that allows its users to take an image of their skin and have it analyzed for skin issues like pimples, acne, dark spots, scars and pigmentation. The user can then consult with top rated dermatologists in India to determine a personalized treatment plan and skin care regimen. The company currently focuses on the Indian market. Heartbeat Labs invested in Heallo.ai in January of this year. More recently, the American accelerator Y Combinator joined as an investor.

Neebo, by Daatrics, is an innovative baby-care system. The wearable device measures the baby’s heartbeat, temperature, and blood oxygen levels and sends the data via Bluetooth to the parents’ smartphones. The Neebo App notifies them when the child experiences stress or when it wakes up. The app can also transmit the baby’s noises in real time. The monitor measures within a maximum of one percent deviation from professional medical technology. The company has plans to file for FDA certification. Neebo can now be pre-ordered worldwide.

Moodpath, by Aurora Health, is an app-based interactive screening for mental health. After a 14-day self-test, the user receives a thorough evaluation of any signs of depression. Further material helps the user to learn more about the results and potential treatment options. The app can also be used together with a professional mental health specialist.

Eckhardt Weber, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Heartbeat Labs, explains: “The opportunities of digitization remain unleashed as crowded patient rooms, unnecessary double examinations and prescriptions on printed paper prove. We conduct pioneering work to create innovative solutions that will make healthcare better and more affordable for everyone.  Soon we will launch more companies and invest in promising ideas and visionaries.”


About Heartbeat Labs
Heartbeat Labs is a Berlin-based platform for digital health startups. We build, grow and invest in pioneering healthcare companies. Our agile teams combine entrepreneurs, medical specialists and technology experts. Heartbeat Labs provides seed funding of €0.5 to €5 million, access to a unique network of investors and operational expertise in marketing, HR, finance, regulatory affairs and more. Our team has the experience of building more than 20 successful internet companies that have brought the advantages of digitization to industries such as financial services and advertising.


About Kinderheldin
Kinderheldin is an online consultation service for expecting mothers and parents of babies. Seven days a week, certified midwives are available to answer questions regarding pregnancy, birth and infancy – either via email, live-chat or over the phone. Kinderheldin was developed by Dr. Paul Hadrossek along with certified midwife Christiane Hammerl. The Berlin-based company is supported by the startup platform for digital health, Heartbeat Labs GmbH.

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