HitFox Group launches Heartbeat Labs, enters fast-growing market for digital health

  • Heartbeat Labs will launch 3 to 5 digital health companies per year with seed funding of €0.5 up to €5 million each.
  • Heartbeat Labs has evolved from HitFox Group’s proven approach, to build a platform of deep vertical knowledge while keeping teams lean and agile.
  • Heartbeat Labs is managed by serial entrepreneurs Jan Beckers, Hendrik Krawinkel and Eckhardt Weber who, together, built the financial technology platform FinLeap. The board also includes senior advisors such as medical specialists Dominik Löer and Martin Bloch as well as ex-McKinsey Europe Chairman Herbert Henzler.


Berlin, 20th July 2017: Today, HitFox Group announces Heartbeat Labs – a vertical company builder that will launch three to five digital health companies per year combining operational excellence with seed funding of €0.5 up to €5 million each.

Founder and Managing Director Jan Beckers describes the plan as follows: “The potential to improve healthcare through digital innovation is tremendous: While medical therapies are advancing steadily, not enough progress has been made in making healthcare more data-driven, efficient and affordable. It is clear that digital technologies will be the most important enabler to improve people’s health while reducing the overall costs of the health system. We look forward to leveraging our expertise to support the digitization of existing healthcare players and to bringing new business models to this market.”

Heartbeat Labs has evolved from HitFox Group’s established approach, creating a platform of deep vertical knowledge while keeping teams lean and agile to better enter a strongly regulated market. Together with funding, Heartbeat Labs will provide a comprehensive set of resources, from technology & product development capabilities to human resources, that empower entrepreneurs to build digital health companies at speed and with determination.

Heartbeat Labs was founded by an experienced team of serial entrepreneurs led by Jan Beckers, Hendrik Krawinkel and Eckhardt Weber who, together, built the financial technology platform FinLeap, which has become the go-to player for the digitalization of financial services. The management team is supported by a board of medical experts and strategic advisors including healthcare entrepreneur Dominik Löer, who built up an extensive laboratory business serving over 2,500 doctors and 80 hospitals, and ex-McKinsey Europe Chairman Herbert Henzler.

The European digital health market is catching up

Heartbeat Labs co-founder Eckhardt Weber elaborates on the timing of the launch: “We believe this is the right time to invest in healthcare: Changing regulations in Europe is opening up the markets. Technological capabilities are developing quickly. Consumers are embracing the advantages that new technologies create and expect them to improve all areas of their life. European health markets are finally about to enter the digital age.” Several market reports support this view. According to Berenberg Bank, the global digital health market is projected to grow rapidly with a compound annual growth rate of 19%, reaching $140 billion in 2026. The European market has been lagging behind but is now catching up. Consulting firm Deloitte estimates it will take over the US as the biggest “connected health” market by next year.

Heartbeat Labs advisory board member and medical specialist Dominik Löer explains how patients and care providers alike can benefit from digital change in healthcare: “Many people are dissatisfied with the quality of medical services in the current system due to long waiting hours and the lack of communication and cooperation between healthcare providers. At the same time, there is an ever-increasing cost pressure on the healthcare system. Digital technology offers ways to solve these issues and empower patients: from ordering medication online, to reducing long waiting hours via telemedicine, to using new wearables to get fast, reliable and tailored diagnoses, to exchanging patient information between practitioners in a fast and secure way.”

About Heartbeat Labs
Heartbeat Labs is a healthcare company builder based in Berlin. Our agile teams combine entrepreneurs, medical specialists and technology experts to launch several digital health companies per year. We provide seed funding of €0.5 to €5 million, access to a unique network of investors and operational expertise in marketing, HR, finance, regulatory affairs and more. Our team has the experience of building more than 20 successful internet companies that have brought the advantages of digitization to industries such as financial technologies and advertising.

About HitFox Group
HitFox Group is an entrepreneurial investment firm headquartered in Berlin. HitFox develops platforms of synergetic companies focusing on emerging digital markets: Heartbeat Labs builds healthtech companies. FinLeap specialises in financial technologies. A third platform grows advertising technology and big data businesses. Together, HitFox Group’s companies employ more than 1,000 professionals on three continents. Many of these companies became profitable within three years after launch and today are market leaders in their space.


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