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On Thursday the 20th of July, investment group HitFox announced the launch of Heartbeat Labs – a new company builder that will launch three to five digital health companies per year. The event was covered by regional, national, international general-interest and special-interest media:, 20.07.2017
(…) While medical therapies are advancing steadily, not enough progress has been made in making healthcare more data-driven, efficient and affordable,” said Jan Beckers, managing director, on the decision to establish the new company builder. “We look forward to leveraging our expertise to support the digitization of existing healthcare players and to bringing new business models to this market. (…)


Manager Magazin, 20.07.2017 (translated from German)
(…) With HitFox Group, serial entrepreneur Jan Beckers has hatched more than 20 companies, with around 1,000 employees in total. Now Beckers is building the next start-up factory: After the fintech incubator FinLeap, he is now scaling up a platform for digital health companies. (…)


WirtschaftsWoche, 20.07.2017 (translated from German)
(…) Consultants with special expertise join the ranks: From the healthcare industry, Dominik Löer, who owns several medical laboratories, is part of the company builder. Löer adds his experience in serving general practitioners and hospitals. Ex-McKinsey Europe Chairman Herbert Henzler also supports the team. (…)


Tagesspiegel, 21.07.2017 (translated from German)
(…) We want to be the first call for the digitization of the healthcare system,” says Beckers, regarding what the company is aiming for. For this he wants to collaborate with doctors, hospitals, medical equipment manufacturers and insurance and pharmaceutical companies, to develop solutions, “that will take healthcare into the digital age,” while also saving costs. (…)


Berlin Valley, 21.07.2017 (translated from German)
(…) The global digital health market is growing. According to Berenberg Bank, the compound annual growth rate is at 19 per cent. Consulting firm Deloitte estimates that Europe will take over the US as the largest “connected health” market by next year. HitFox Group responds to the trend by launching the vertical company builder Heartbeat Labs. (…)


E-Health-Com, 20.07.2017 (translated from German)
(…) Managing Director Eckhardt Weber is confident that the concept will work out: “We believe this is the right time to invest in healthcare. Changing regulations in Europe are opening up the market. Technological capabilities are developing quickly. Consumers are embracing the advantages that new technologies create and expect them to improve all areas of their life. (…)


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