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Where entrepreneurs, medical professionals and tech experts join forces.


Whether you have a background in healthcare, in technology, or in business – our strength is working interdisciplinarily and bringing talent together from diverse fields.

We know healthcare is not the easiest industry to innovate. Think regulation or market access. This means resilience and resourcefulness become essential qualities. We need you to believe in what you do and work towards our shared goals against all odds.

We continue to learn every day.

The digital health landscape is complex and underserved, hence very exciting for us. We believe we have to learn continuously to be able to build sustainable products and services in the space.

Your health. Our heartbeat.

We care deeply about what we do. For us the user is in the centre of everything we create. We are the right platform for you, if you like to challenge your assumptions with users and their needs and if you like to turn your learnings into well-informed solutions.

Your skills and qualification are just as important as the personal match between you and us. This is why we take the time to introduce you to a diverse group of people when you go through the application process with us.

For you, this is an opportunity to really figure out where you see yourself. For the same reason we appreciate you asking us as many questions as you have in every step of the process.

(Head of) Senior Business Intelligence Manager @ Heartbeat Labs (m/f)

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BerlinHeartbeat Labs - Marketing Full-time
Heartbeat Labs is a platform for digital health startups based in Berlin. We build, grow and invest in pioneering healthcare companies. Our agile teams combine entrepreneurs, medical specialists and technology experts. Together they combine the experience of having found more than 20 successful internet companies that have brought the advantages of digitization to industries such as financial services (Finleap) and advertising (HitFox Group).

Now it is the perfect time to get involved in the fast-growing yet still underserved digital health landscape, while still maintaining the first mover advantage. In light of recent regulatory developments, the German health market is ripe for disruption.

Your role

  • You actively define the relevant KPIs with all stakeholders and make sure proper reports are in place
  • You reach out to our ventures to understand their business model and needs, helping them measuring success and taking data driven decisions
  • You analyse the available data and actively report findings to the respective ventures
  • You design flexible and solid DWH infrastructures tailored to the needs of our ventures
  • You analyze and solve complex business problems, implementing smart data models and automation where it makes sense
  • You own the technical and logical setup of all web and mobile tracking efforts
  • You evaluate and manage a general tool stack we can quickly apply to our ventures
  • You make use of your programming skills where needed to get results in a fast and pragmatic way
  • You proactively work towards a data driven development culture together with the HBL founders across all ventures as well as Heartbeat Labs itself and come up with respective ideas
  • You report to the Director Marketing & BI

Your profile

  • You set very high standards for your work: you are highly self-motivated to excel in every aspect of your work
  • You are willing to make decisions and take responsibility for products and projects
  • You actively gather and incorporate knowledge about data security and data protection for all relevant infrastructure
  • With excellent prioritisation, you make the right decisions and thus quickly move forward within a fast-paced business environment
  • You are detail oriented where needed and have excellent prioritization skills
  • You find the right balance between implementation speed and longevity of the technology created
  • You have strong problem solving skills and and communicate proactively while tackling difficult topics
  • You communicate clearly, honestly and straight to the point, giving and taking feedback regularly
  • You do not engage in any kind of politics but optimize results for the whole company
  • You are 100% loyal, you are committed long-term and you are fun to work with

Expect an exciting, professional environment with responsibility and personal development. You get the chance to have a direct impact on several new business models. We are looking for great personalities with an entrepreneurial drive. Sounds interesting? We look forward to hearing from you! Submit your CV along with your relevant working documents online.

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